For accredited persons - Wellington Laboratory update

Trading Standards want to provide an update to our Accredited Persons regarding the status our laboratory in Wellington.

As you may know, the Wellington Laboratory based at Callaghan Innovations in Gracefield was closed indefinitely due to the Health & Safety implications of asbestos being found in the roof. Unfortunately, it has proven difficult to find suitable premises to house our laboratory in the Wellington region.

We have made progress in finding a location and are currently waiting on consent for the works, needed to meet our requirements, to be carried out.

At this time, we cannot confirm when the laboratory will be open.

In the meantime, please use either of our other two laboratories for any verification work you require. The contact details for each laboratory are listed below:

Contact name and email: David Antunovich
Telephone: +64 21 244 9194

Contact name and email: Emily Smith
Telephone: +64 3 966 9239