Updated guidance – For accredited persons – Working Standards

Trading Standards have updated the working standards page.

Trading Standards have updated the working standards page on our website. The changes include:

  • The ‘Verification by Trading Standards’ section has been enhanced to include our procedures; formally covered by the now removed ‘Submission of working standards during COVID-19’ section.
  • A link to Technical Policy TS-027 has been included.
  • The ‘Verification by another organisation’ heading has been changed to  ‘Verification not by Trading Standards’ and has been amended to confirm our requirements.
  • A new ‘sharing resources’ section has been added to provide guidance for an Accredited Person when they wish to use working standards that they do not own.

Working standards

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Please note that the website content is now to be considered the ‘source of truth’ for all accreditation related information and should be consulted by applicants and Accredited Persons alike.