TS–102 Accredited Persons can be contractors

Trade Measurement — Accreditation Policy

Policy Number:TS - 102
Effective Date: March 2017
Version No: 1
File Name: Accredited Persons can be contractors
Approved by: Phil Sorrell, Team Leader Compliance and Inspection
Approved by: Kevin Gudmundsson, Legal Metrology Advisor

1. Scope

This policy is to clarify whether an accredited organisation can engage an individual as a contractor to perform the duties of an Accredited Person.

2. Reference documents

3. Terms and definitions

Accredited Person — Section 30A

4. Policy

The legislation places no restriction on how an individual is employed or engaged by any accredited organisation. This policy allows for contractors, sub-contractors, full time, part time or any other employment relationship for an individual to operate as an Accredited Person as long as the individual’s responsibility and authority within an accredited organisation is:

  • specified on the Letter of Accreditation, and
  • specified in that organisation’s Quality Management System, and
  • the individual is fully acquainted with and competent with the organisations QMS and procedures.