TS–107 Demonstration of make-weight procedure

Trade Measurement — Accreditation Policy

Policy Number:TS - 107
Effective Date: March 2017
Version No: 1
File Name:

Demonstration of make-weight procedure

Approved by: Phil Sorrell, Team Leader Compliance and Inspection
Approved by: Kevin Gudmundsson, Legal Metrology Advisor

1. Scope

This policy defines when a make-weight procedure is to be demonstrated.

2. Reference documents

Trading Standards accreditation guide

3. Terms and definitions

Make-weight — a procedure where Working Standards and unknown loads are used to test a weighing instruments linearity.

4. Policy

Regardless of the class of weighing instrument, where applicants are seeking accreditation for instruments that exceed 250 kg maximum capacity, they are required to prove their competence by a demonstration using the make-weight procedure.