TS–108 Split-weighing

Trade Measurement — Accreditation Policy

Policy Number:TS - 108
Effective Date: March 2017
Version No: 1
File Name:


Approved by: Phil Sorrell, Team Leader Compliance and Inspection
Approved by: Kevin Gudmundsson, Legal Metrology Advisor

1. Scope

This policy defines Trading Standards position on split-weighing.

2. Reference documents

Weights and Measures Act 1987(external link) — Section 12

3. Terms and definitions

Split-weighing — is where a weight is determined by weighing the load in two or more parts and summing the results.

4. Policy

The act of split-weighing may not be a breach of the legislation. However, the following legislative controls still apply:

  • There is an obligation to provide the true net weight. Failure to provide this creates a short weight offence under the Act.
  • Some Certificates of Approval for weighing instruments have a specific condition that prohibits split-weighing on that specified instrument.