How to become an accredited person

To become an Accredited Person you must satisfy the requirements in the Weights and Measures Regulations. Our Accreditation Guide explains these in detail.

What an Accredited Person does

Accredited Persons are authorised to verify and certify weighing and measuring equipment that is used for trade and complies with the requirements of the Weights and Measures Act and Regulations. If equipment complies, the Accredited Person can stamp it with the ‘Mark of Verification’ and issue a ‘Certificate of Accuracy’.

Application process

To become an Accredited Person, follow the process below:

Step 1

Read our Accreditation Guide and supporting Accreditation Policies. These provide information about the requirements you'll need to meet to become an Accredited Person. The Guide also provides reference material for current Accredited Persons.

Accreditation Guide [PDF, 868 KB]

Accreditation policies

Step 2

Once you've read our guide and confirmed that you're eligible to apply to become an Accredited Person, complete the application form and send it to us at the address at the bottom of the form.

Application for Accreditation form [PDF, 2 MB]

As part of your application you'll need to provide a copy of your quality management system. We've developed a model system (below) that you can use as a basis for creating yours.

Model Quality Management System [DOCX, 287 KB]

Step 3

When we receive your application a Trading Standards Client Manager will be assigned to you. They'll be in touch to guide you through the accreditation process.

Using the Trading Standards logo

In accordance with accreditation policy TS-109, once you're an Accredited Person you can use the Trading Standards logo on your letters, emails and website.

Get the Accredited by Trading Standards logo [PNG, 15 KB]

(if you want to save the logo, then you need to right click on it and select 'save picture as')

Register of Accredited Persons

If you want your name and contact details to be added to the list of Accredited Persons on our public website, complete the update of details form below and send it your Client Manager.

Find an AP update of details [DOCX, 117 KB]