Accepted methods of selling firewood, seller's responsibilities and penalties.

Accepted methods

Acceptable methods of selling firewood are:

  • by volume — for example, 3 cubic metres, 1.5 cubic metres
  • by weight - for example, 50 kilograms
  • by description — for example, trailer load, sackful, truckload.

If selling by volume, the vessel and/or equipment that you are using to measure the firewood must first be approved by Trading Standards as containing the stated volume (e.g. scoop, bucket, truck and/or trailer).

References and advertisements to sales by volume must be metric - for example, in cubic metres (m3). The use of non metric units of measurement - for example, the cord, must not be used.

To learn more about having your equipment approved by Trading Standards see Applying for a type approval.

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It is standard industry practice for firewood to be sold as a 'thrown measure'. This means that the quantity of wood is measured as if it were thrown into a container.

Certified measures on firewood merchant vehicles

If you're selling firewood by volume, you must have the measure on your vehicle approved and verified as containing a stated volume. If you use this for trade you must also:

  • Carry the approval documentation in the vehicle at all times.
  • Stamp a mark of verification on each measure.
  • Individually number each measure — if more than one.
  • Have signwriting on the measure stating its size and that it's approved — for example, "Trading Standards approved 3m3".

Firewood measures are approved as brim measures. This means that the contents are correct when level with the top surface of the measure.

To learn more about having your equipment approved by Trading Standards see Applying for a type approval.

Requirement to provide invoice

If you sell firewood by volume, and deliver it to the purchaser, you must — as soon as practicable — deliver or send an invoice or delivery note to the purchaser that shows:

  • the true measure of firewood delivered, and
  • your address, telephone numbers and email address.

Penalties for breaching the Weights and Measures Act

Under the Weights and Measures Act, it's an offence to:

  • use a false or unjust weight or measure, or a weight or measure that's not approved as required under the Act
  • deliver a lesser quantity of goods than purchased where goods were sold by weight, measure, or number (for example, delivering a short measure of firewood)
  • It may also be an offence to fail to send or deliver an invoice or delivery note stating the quantity delivered to the purchaser.

See Powers, offences and our enforcement strategy for more information on offences and associated fees and fines for breaching the Weights and Measures Act or Regulations.