Certificate of Accuracy

If you sell by weight or measure, a Certificate of Accuracy for your weighing and measuring equipment is useful, but not compulsory.

About the certificate

In addition to compulsory verification, you can choose to get a Certificate of Accuracy for your weighing and measuring equipment. This is valid for 12 months, and re-examination is required before a replacement certificate can be issued.

The Certificate of Accuracy is a self-adhesive label that can't be removed without being destroyed. It shows the Accredited Person's number and the expiry date of the certificate, and look like this:

Example Certificate of Accuracy

certificate of accuracy

It is recommended that the label is displayed in a prominent position on the instrument, in full view of the buyer.


Benefits of renewing your Certificate of Accuracy every year include:

  • increased confidence that your equipment is providing accurate and repeatable results, and
  • it may provide a 'defence' in situations where the equipment is found to be inaccurate.

How to get a certificate

An Accredited Person can issue a Certificate of Accuracy on request. A fee is usually charged for this service.

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