Visits from Accredited Persons

An Accredited Person can test, verify and certify your weighing and measuring equipment to make sure it complies with the Weights and Measures Act and Regulations.

What Accredited Persons do

Accredited Persons are authorised to verify and certify that your weighing and measuring equipment complies with the law. If you ask them to, they can stamp compliant equipment with the ‘Mark of Verification’ and/or issue a ‘Certificate of Accuracy'.

Weights and Measures Act 1987(external link)

Weights and Measures Regulations 1999(external link)

Accredited Person visits

If an Accredited Person visits your business, they must tell you the intended purpose of their visit. Their visits are optional — you can decline their offer to have your equipment verified/certified. If you do ask them to verify or certify your equipment, they can charge you for this.

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Accredited Persons don't have any powers of entry, and may only remain on your premises at your discretion.

Notice of non-compliance

If an Accredited Person declines to stamp any of your weighing or measuring equipment on the grounds that it doesn't comply with the Act or Regulations, they must issue you with a ‘Notice of Non-Compliance’.

If a Notice of Non-Compliance has been issued, the non-compliant equipment can't legally be used for trade. Continued use may result in legal action being taken by Trading Standards.