Selecting equipment for manufacturing or packing

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting weighing or measuring equipment for your manufacturing or packing process.

Select an approved type of equipment

Your weighing or measuring equipment must be of an approved type, and must also be verified, if it's being used for manually filling packages. We also recommend this for equipment used when setting up the packing process and carrying out quantity checks on packages.

Weighing or measuring equipment — including checkweighers that have been issued with a Certificate of Approval — must comply with the conditions as stated within the approval.

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Equipment used for measuring ingredients isn't covered under the Weights and Measures legislation.

Automatic packing/filling machines that aren't required to be approved

If you have a type of automatic packing or filling machine that's not required to be approved under the legislation, we recommend that you have approved and verified weighing or measuring equipment available for sample testing of the packaged goods. This demonstrates that you're taking reasonable precautions to ensure your pre-packaged goods comply with the requirements of the Act.

How to check that equipment is approved

See the NZ Trading Standards Approvals Certificates database(external link) for a full list of trade approved equipment.

If you're unsure whether or not your equipment needs to be approved, contact Trading Standards.

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Consider the environmental conditions

When selecting weighing or measuring equipment, consider the environmental conditions in which the equipment will be used, including:

  • temperature
  • water
  • dust and dirt
  • vibration
  • air movement
  • pressure
  • chemicals
  • electrical interference.

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Ensure all weighing and measuring equipment is used within the manufacturer's specification.

Consider the sensitivity required

The scale division of the equipment you select should be appropriate for the size of the package being weighed or measured. See the table below for recommended scale division for your weighing equipment.

Net weight range of packageRecommended maximum scale intervalsAccuracy class applicable
< 2 g 0.01 g Class ll
2 g - 5 g 0.02 g Class ll
5 g - 10 g 0.05 g Class ll
11 g - 50 g 0.1 g Class ll
51 g - 100 g 0.2 g Class ll
101 g - 250 g 0.5 g Class ll
251 g - 500 g 1 g Class lll
501 g - 1 kg 2 g Class lll
> 1 kg - 2.5 kg 5 g Class lll
> 2.5 kg - 5 kg 10 g Class lll
> 5 kg - 25 kg 20 g Class lll
> 25 kg - 50 kg 50 g Class lll
> 50 kg - 100 kg 100 g Class llI