Voluntarily removing an accredited individual or category of accreditation

To remove an accredited individual or a category of accreditation before the date of expiry of the Letter of Accreditation, follow these steps.

Step 1 – Apply to remove

Complete the application form:

Application for Accreditation [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Submit the form to your Client Manager, including:

  • The legal name of the organisation
  • A purchase order number
  • A Personal Identifier for each individual
  • Every category to be removed per individual

Step 2 – Letter of Accreditation

The Client Manager will issue an updated Letter of Accreditation. This letter will be valid from the issue date to the expiry date of the accreditation, unless revoked prior to the expiry date.

The Letter of Accreditation will identify the name and personal identifiers of the accredited organisation and individual(s), and list the categories and conditions for each individual.

Tip Icon Blue2 Note

Accreditation is not transferable. This means if an accredited individual is employed by one accredited organisation and the individual leaves that organisation, then the accreditation status of that individual ceases. Accreditation is not transferable to another legal entity.

For more information see Accredited person responsibilities.