Update contact details or change management representative

To update the contact details of the organisation, the management representative, an individual or change the management representative you must follow these steps.

Step 1 – Apply to amend

Update contact details

When updating the contact details of the organisation, the management representative or an individual should log in to Business Connect, then select and complete Trading Standards accreditation form 4.

Business Connect(external link)

Change Management Representative

When changing the management representative, log in to Business Connect, then select and complete Trading Standards accreditation form 2.

Business Connect(external link)

Once an application has been submitted you will receive an automated email.

Step 2 – Application received

Once Trading Standards receives a complete application, the Client Manager may request for any outstanding required documents.

Find out more about the role of the Client Manager(external link).

Step 3 – Management Representative Audit

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Step 3 is not required when updating contact details. Go to Step 4.

If the accredited organisation applies for a Management Representative change, the Client Manager will conduct a Management Representative audit of the nominated individual. The Management Representative audit is carried out to ensure the individual understands their role and responsibilities.

The Client Manager will provide a Management Representative audit report and state:

  • If the individual is approved as the Management Representative, and
  • If required, include any conditions in relation to the appointment of the individual.

If the individual is unsuccessful, upon request from the accredited organisation, another Management Representative audit may be conducted. The audit has to be passed before the accreditation process can proceed.

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For a face-to-face meeting outside of a Trading Standards office, a request for off-site work form must be completed.

For more information, see Health and Safety at Work Act – shared duties and expectations.

Step 4 – Update Quality Management System

The Management Representative will update the Quality Management System, and any other affected documentation, in agreement with the Client Manager to support the requested changes.

Step 5 – Letter of Accreditation

Once the above steps have been completed, the Client Manager will issue an updated Letter of Accreditation. This letter will be valid until the expiry date, as stated on the letter, unless revoked sooner.

The Letter of Accreditation will be issued to the Manager Representative and state the name and personal identifier of the accredited organisation and list the name(s) and personal identifier(s) of the individual(s), including the categories and conditions of accreditation for each individual.