Conditions of accreditation

Conditions of accreditation are a tool used by Trading Standards to assist an organisation and/or individual to be compliant with the requirements of the weights and measures legislation.

Conditions may be included in Systems, Management Representative and/or Compliance Audit reports. They may affect an individual, the organisation or both, and should be actioned and managed by the Management Representative.

There are two scenarios where conditions of accreditation are applied:

  1. Letter of Accreditation is not issued:
    The organisation must comply with the condition(s) stated in the report before Trading Standards can issue a Letter of Accreditation.
    i.e. following a Systems Audit, amendments are required to be made to the Quality Management Systems.
  2. Letter of Accreditation is issued:
    The organisation has to comply with Trading Standards requirements.
    i.e. following a Compliance Audit, completed test sheets are to be submitted to the Client Manager for review and/or an observation is to be completed by Trading Standards within the period stated in the report.

If an organisation does not comply with a condition of accreditation Trading Standards may amend, suspend or revoke the accreditation of the organisation or individual(s).