Corrective action request

This section has information on the Corrective Action Request process, which is used by Trading Standards in an attempt to resolve a breach of accreditation.

A Corrective Action Request is issued to the Management Representative. The Corrective Action Request has three parts, as outlined below.

Part 1 – Details of non-compliance(s) – Trading Standards

Trading Standards Client Manager will send the completed Corrective Action Request Part 1, which includes details of the non-compliance(s), and an incomplete Corrective Action Request Part 2 to the Management Representative via email.

Part 2 – Causes and actions to be implemented – Organisation / Management Representative

The Management Representative has 10 working days from the date of the email to respond in writing to the Client Manager and include a completed Corrective Action Request Part 2.
The accredited organisation must investigate the cause of non-compliance(s) and record the investigation and the outcome(s) on Corrective Action Request Part 2.

The root cause analysis tool could be used to carry out the investigation.

Root cause analysis has more information.

Once the Corrective Action Request Part 2 and any relevant documentation have been received by the Client Manager, they are reviewed and either approved or returned to the Management Representative with any required amendments.

Once Corrective Action Request Part 2 is approved the actions and timelines are monitored.

Part 3 – Sign off by Trading Standards

Once the actions have been completed and/or timelines expired, the Client Manager will decide if the Corrective Action Request can be signed off.

If a resolution is not attained or the approved action(s) are not implemented within the agreed timeline(s), Trading Standards may take further action against the accredited individual and/or organisation: