Minor non-compliance

This section has information on the minor non-compliance process, which is used by Trading Standards in an attempt to resolve a breach of accreditation.

The details of a minor non-compliance will be sent via email to the Management Representative.

The Management Representative has 10 working days from the date of the email to respond in writing to Trading Standards and to demonstrate the intent of the accredited organisation to resolve the non-compliance(s). A completed 'organisation corrective action form', which records details of the root cause, the action(s) that are to be implemented and timelines for completing the actions, must be added to this response.

If a resolution is not attained, Trading Standards may issue a Corrective Action Request in order to resolve the issue.

Corrective Action Request has more information.

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An 'organisation corrective action form' is a form that has been created by the accredited organisation and is part of their Quality Management System.