TS–002 Information required on an Accredited Persons test sheet

This policy prescribes what information is required on tests sheets. This includes recording the indicated value in full, and specified information to be included on a test sheet.

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Trading Standards requires the following instructions to be followed when Accredited Persons are completing test record for verification and inspection tests on both weighing and measuring instruments.

Where a test is performed and a value is displayed on an indicator; that indicated value is to be recorded in full on the test record.

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The use of a tick, cross or any other mark to represent a pass or fail criteria is no longer permitted in relation to values obtained from an indicator.

Additional information required to be specified on test sheets:

  • The verification report number of the Working Standards used
  • Type of test completed; verification or inspection test
  • Date of test
  • Accredited individual’s personal identifier
  • Specific approval conditions applicable to the instrument
  • If applicable, if an event counter number is increased then the number at the completion of the test must be recorded
  • Any disturbing influence at the time observed during the test which may affect the performance of the instrument e.g. instrument was out of level, binding, environmental conditions
  • If an instrument cannot be tested to maximum capacity when using a substitution load then the reason must be recorded on the test sheet
  • A complete instrument identification, which will include, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Make and model of all trade approved components
    • Approval number(s)
    • Serial number(s)
    • Location of the instrument; both test location and location of use, if they are different
    • Owner of the instrument
    • Additional information required for weighing instruments:
      • Max capacity
      • Minimum capacity
      • Verification scale interval
      • Class of instrument
      • Value of the tare; if T = ≤ maximum capacity
      • Load cells; include make, model and number (for instruments with a maximum capacity > 300 kg)
    • Additional information required for flow measuring instruments:
      • Max flow rate
      • Totaliser readings; both pre and post test
      • Product under test
      • Island/hose number

The following list of instrument type specific tests may be recorded as a pass / fail on a test sheet. This list is not exhaustive:

  • Price computing function
  • Remote/secondary Indicator operating correctly; also see the requirements of Technical Policy TS-014
  • Printed Information; also see the requirements of Technical Policy TS-004
  • Tare function
  • Overloaded blank at max +9e
  • Expanded mode has been proven

Technical Policy TS-004 Printed and stored information generated from measuring instruments

Technical Policy TS-014 Secondary indicators on weighing instruments

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For a test sheet to be used by an Accredited Person it must first be submitted to and approved by Trading Standards.

Trade Measurement — Technical Policy

Policy number: TS - 002
Effective date: July 2016
Version date: December 2019
Version number: 2
Policy name: Information required on an Accredited Persons test sheet
Reviewed by: Davis White, Legal Metrology Advisor and Senior Trading Standards Officer
Approved by: Phil Sorrell, Team Leader Compliance and Inspection