TS–017 Historical tares

This policy outlines the use and retention of historical tares in trade transactions.

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The following conditions relate to the use of historical tares:

  • Historical tares are permitted with the agreement of both parties,
  • The tare weight should be reviewed at agreed time periods, e.g. monthly,
  • The tare weight is linked to a particular vehicle, e.g. VIN number and / or registration plate,
  • In the event of a dispute, the vehicle is to be re-weighed to confirm the agreed tare or confirm the new tare value,
  • Where modifications are made to a vehicle, the vehicle is to be re-weighed to obtain a new tare value, and
  • A printed receipt / statement for any transaction must show the date and time of the weighing, gross weight and pre-set tare value for the vehicle.

Trade Measurement — Technical Policy

Policy number: TS - 017
Effective date: July 2016
Version date: October 2016
Version number: 2
Policy name: Historical tares
Reviewed by: Davis White, Legal Metrology Advisor and Senior Trading Standards Officer
Approved by: Phil Sorrell, Team Leader Compliance and Inspection